Funeral Memorial Cards

Funeral Memorial Cards are indeed an innovative idea for mementos to be handed out to the invitees after the service. These can be used as a keepsake which you can cherish forever. Here, you can add your favorite poem and picture in a beautiful way to keep your memories at hand on a daily basis.

The Funeral cards are also known as Mass, Mourning Cards or Remembrance Cards. They are an excellent way of remembering a loved one and can become keepsakes of lifelong value.

These Cards are printed onto a thick, quality 300gsm card and then laminated for longevity in a convenient credit card sized (85 x 55mm) format, allowing for easy wallet or purse storage.

The Memory Card is also known as an Acknowledgement Card which is truly an ideal way of personally thanking friends and relatives for their support.

In the Memory cards you can include a short bio or paragraph of the deceased, along with a short poem, and order of service information. You can create mini booklets with the help of these cards thereby having multiple pages using the card size dimensions.

These cards can be given away to the invitees at the funeral service, or on the deceased’s death anniversary. Whenever you choose to give them, they really make a good keepsake.

It is becoming quite popular to send a Funeral Memorial Card before the service as an invitation to those people who may want to attend the service. The card is custom printed with the time, date and location of the service.

If you have the paucity of time to purchase Funeral memorial cards from a store then these days templates are available for these types of cards from a popular web resource online. These websites can easily be found after doing a little research on the internet.

This funeral program card layout is handy due to their sizing. As these cards are the size of note cards, you can easily mail them from the comfort of your home or easily place them inside a Bible or for that matter any other scrapbook very simply. Most families use these types of cards to place a photo of their loved one with a sketch of his/her biography and a few scriptures or even a poem.

Moreover these cards are half the size of a traditional letter size. They come in a variety of beautiful and colorful designs or for that matter there are even very simple ones that you can print on colored paper on your home black and white printer. You should use a 32 lb. paper in order to print your finished card or purchase some of those perforated paper at any office supply store. Using the perforated paper saves you from having to cut the paper in half to divide the two cards on the sheet.

In the end we can say that with these tips in mind you can create a really awesome looking memory card which can be kept as a memento for a long time.

Tutorial Video How To Edit Funeral Memorial Card 

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