Funeral Poems or Death Poems

Funerals have many customs associated with them. In times of grief and change, people often revert to the different forms of art in order to express their pain. At this time a close friend or family member is asked to deliver a memorial speech or poem in order to honor the deceased. Whenever you write the funeral poem which will be either displayed at the Memorial Service or given away as a memento indeed allows you to express your feelings for the dear departed.

It is rightly said that some things are better said when written. It is for this reason why some well-meaning companies have taken the task to compose some poems and compile them so that the bereaved family members can choose the one that best fits their deceased.

One such company is The Memory Book Shop,

On choosing to write a funeral poem you should first of all decide as to who will get to share the poem with you. If it is a private expression to help you address your own feelings, you can express yourself more freely in what you write. It allows you to write about any private memory you may have had with the deceased. Writing Poetry is an expression of sharing your thoughts with others which you cannot do otherwise. You should not feel that you have to write what others want to hear. If you are sharing your poem with others you should be sure to think about the emotions and feelings of others. On deciding the theme of your poem you should   take some quiet moments to let your thoughts flow. Think about the memories you have had with the deceased or with his/her family members. These thoughts may include any fond memories you may have had with the deceased. You should not feel discouraged because of the rhyme structures or about your writing skills – just let the words flow.  It will ultimately itself take the shape of a verse, a letter or a speech is perfectly suitable.

The funeral poem is read during the memorial service. Should   you choose to deliver your poem during the service, bring a copy of the poem from which you are going to read?  You should not try to memorize touching words while you're yourself immersed in grief. Holding your emotions is very difficult. It can be even difficult for you to remember the words if your voice trembles or if you're uncomfortable speaking in front of a group. You should remember to write legibly in large type and take some time to revise the poem carefully several times.

They are personal expression of your loss. These poems can even touch the hearts of others and be a comfort for others. You should talk to other people who were close to the departed in order to draw the much needed inspiration for your poem.

By letting your thoughts and grief flow in the form of poetry, it can really inspire you to share your memories with others.

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