The Various Steps To Be Followed While Claiming A Funeral Policy

While Claiming A Funeral Policy remember that that the  costs incurred by you will be reimbursed from the Estate of the deceased person whereas as the organizer of the funeral, you are also responsible for payment of all funeral related bills, before receiving funds from the Estate. Since these bills are huge, it certainly can cause sleepless nights for those with low-income.

To assist people in to tide themselves in these situations, the government has introduced The Social Fund, which can sometimes help with a loan towards payment of funeral costs, which is paid off when funds from the deceased's Estate are released.

Your eligibility to receive a Funeral Payment will depend on either you or your partner's circumstances:

• The type and amount of financial support you are currently having. 
• Your relationship with the deceased
• Besides your personal savings, any other financial assistance you may be having to help with costs
• In order to qualify for the claim you must be the deceased's partner at the time of their death, their parent or at least a close relative or friend.

Remember that a Funeral Payment includes the burial or cremation fees and other funeral expenses up to a certain fixed amount as claimed by you in the Funeral Policy, This includes:

• funeral director’s fees
• flowers and coffin

Please remember that if the person who had died had a pre-paid funeral plan then you will only get help for those items which have not been already covered by the plan.

How Funeral Payments are paid: This works in two simple ways:-

• It works on the assumption that if the funeral director’s bill hasn’t already been paid, the Funeral Payment will usually be paid directly into their bank account.

• If the funeral director’s bill has been paid, the payment will be made directly in your bank account. 

• Always remember to make the Funeral Expenses claim within 3 months of the date of the funeral.

• Always remember to send us the original death certificate or a certified copy, 

• The Methods To Be Followed For Claiming A Funeral Policy Online: 

• It is not possible to claim a Funeral Payment online.

You will have to download Funeral payment form

Help with PDF files: 

For this you make a claim by printing out a claim form and filling it in. After you have filled in the form you can either:

• Mail it to the office whose details are shown on the form, or
• Hand it in at the nearest Social Security / Jobs and Benefits office
• Social Security / Jobs and Benefits office (contacts section)

While asking for a form: 

It is possible to get the Funeral Payment forms from the Social Security Agency.  Contact one of their offices.

In the end we can just remind you again and again that this is a loan which must be repaid from the deceased's Estate, whether this is in the form of cash or assets which must be sold to raise the funds.

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