Personalized Funeral Stationery and Prayer Cards

These days a large number of unique and personalized funeral stationery, including prayer cards can be created for funerals around the world. This has become possible with the advancement of modern technology and software programs which have been developed specifically for the funeral industry thereby changing the concept of funeral stationery forever.

What are Prayer cards? Prayer cards are small bookmark cards which are distributed at funerals. These Prayer cards are either religious or spiritual in nature. In the Prayer cards the front of the card has a sacred picture with the back of the Prayer cards being printed with a prayer. The reverse side of the Prayer cards lists the deceased's name, birth and death date. Most people love to keep and cherish prayer cards in memory of loved ones.

Prayer cards are available in the following forms:

• The Photo Prayer Card
• The Holy Card
• Postcard Prayer Cards
• Combination Deals
• Business Card Prayer Cards
• Catholic Prayer Cards
• Bookmark Prayer Cards
• Photo Prayer Cards
• Magnetic Prayer Cards

Previously, the prayer cards were available in a limited number of styles. Nowadays with the help of prayer card templates the Prayer cards can be printed of up to eight per sheet. This makes it possible to create almost one hundred keepsake cards and they require only a dozen sheets of paper. The greatest advantage of printing these Prayer cards is that they are printed from completely blank stock. It does not matter if you are creating a traditional style of prayer card with any type of catholic imagery, or one that has many scenes which represent the person's life; advanced funeral software can accomplish it all.

It has now become possible for the families to choose the image to be placed in the front of the card and the text on the reverse side of the card. They can also add more personal details such as a photo of the deceased. Furthermore, Funeral stationery is an important element during mourning which provides a touchstone for the bereaved family to memorialize the deceased. It thus become as a way to share support among friends and family. These days the funeral stationery can be created in a wide variety of styles, themes, and colors. It is also possible to crate individual pieces of funeral stationery by creating a range in tone from the reserved to upbeat. 

The different types of funeral stationery available are funeral programs, prayer cards, funeral cards, bookmarks, and memorial funeral folders. 

It is now possible to offer client families and friends many different ways to express the life of their loved one through personalized funeral stationery which best suits their needs.

By using advanced funeral stationery software which comes complete with all the pre-formatted templates allows the creator of the funeral stationery to do this in just minutes, but the keepsakes created will be cherished by the invitees and the deceased’s families forever. Those invitees who attend a funeral or memorial service will want one. The mourners will hold onto these unique prayer cards for years.

To conclude we can say that these days’ funeral register books are standard at some funerals. These funeral register books can be personalized with photos and anecdotes, colors, themes and styles. The Funeral Memorial folders provide a wonderful keepsake inspiring the mourners to share memories of the life being celebrated. Prayer cards on the other hand feature a religious image on one side and basic details of the deceased on the reverse. These Prayer cards may include a personal photograph and quotes which represent the deceased along with a theme or image that can be carried throughout the rest of the funeral stationery. 

Acknowledgement and thank you cards can be easily personalized as many options exist for non-religious items.

Funeral stationery and prayer cards are an expected and comforting medium that can be functional as well as aid in the grieving process.

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