Prayer Cards Are Enhanced By Funeral Software

Many of us who had at one time or the other attended or held a funeral might have received a prayer card as a memento after the funeral. Have you ever asked yourself as to what is prayer card? Well Holy cards are small devotional pictures made for the use of the faithful. They typically highlight a religious scene or a saint on a small image about the size of a playing card or collectible card whereas the reverse contains a prayer, some of which promise an indulgence for its recitation.

These cards are called by different names. Some call the "prayer cards" while still others call them "memorial cards". However, the fact is that these small cards are imprinted with your loved one's birth and death dates, along with other elements that you might choose, are beautiful mementos.

These Holy cards were once imprinted with a prayer and a sacred picture. They were personalized by adding a name and date of death. In those days the choices were very limited. However, these cards might have been beautiful yet they were all much the same.

In today's modern world the funeral software allows the funeral director or you yourself can add a personalization. These cards can be imprinted with text, a photo of the deceased, prose, or poetry. There is no limitization of selection.

The prayer cards can really become a very fitting keepsake for mourners to carry with them from a viewing or funeral service. It's the personalization that makes the difference.

The new funeral software enables a family to select a theme that can be used in all their funeral stationery. These days' themes are available to match every hobby, occupation, interest and religious affiliation. Along with the choices of photos and text, it is possible to embellish prayer cards with a variety of fonts and other design elements as well as colors that complement other funeral stationery or stand-alone.

When you add a personal favorite quote and photograph of a loved one and arranging the theme of the entire line of funeral stationery, today's funeral software allows for visually enhancing placements of the elements used for the prayer cards. You can center a photo or artwork, and arrange the text around it in a flowing, circular pattern. It is also possible to choose several photos and place them at the top or bottom along with the text in the center of the card. Now you can print both sides of the card, with a religious or sacred picture on one side and text with a photo of your loved one on the other.

Imagine what impact a card would have if it had a child's face and poem, or a card bearing a photo of a loved one above his/her favorite prayer or sacred text. The prose or poetry can be derived from a specific religion a personalized prayer card is a beautiful, uplifting tribute to a life.

These prayer cards are truly personal and meaningful, and will forever be treasured and re-read, cherished by those who receive them and who remember the life they represent.

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