How to Write That Wonderful Eulogy for Your Father Or Dad

The very thought of writing a eulogy gives most people the jitters and even more so if the eulogy is for your dad which has to be delivered on his memorial service. This is undoubtedly a lot tougher. 
Losing a dear one is heart rending and even more so if that person happens to be your father. However, this fact cannot be escaped. However, if you do find yourself to be in similar situations just remember to keep the basic ideas in mind. You should keep a paper and pen in handy and write down an outline of the things which you would want to share about your father. You can start with a brief introduction which is obviously related to your father's life. 

You can follow these simple steps while writing a eulogy for your father:

• You can begin by writing down a few experiences and memorable moments that you had shared with your father. You can pick these incidents in chronological order to include in your funeral speech.

• Next you can pen down the qualities of your father. Remember to include his hobbies, characteristics and the various sports that he had played and the other things that interested him. All these points would surely pen point your father’s character. You can also share with the audience your thoughts about your father. However, remember to make it positive.

• You can even show your gratitude top your father by narrating the ways in which he had brought you up. You should always remember to speak from the bottom of your heart and show sincerity.

• You can also include those bad moments you might have had with your father but remember to conclude it with something positive and inspirational.

• You can even add some quotes and Bible verses which your father was fond of. This would certainly give your speech that much needed lift.

If you are still having difficulty in writing a eulogy for your father you can take the help of those relatives of who had been associated with your father more closely.

It is not necessary for you to write down everything which everyone has to say, use what you think fits best and make it your own.

Once you have completed that you can dig into your memory bank for some more of your fond childhood memories, memories in which your father played a major role. After that, it's time to pay tribute to the man your father was. There are certain things which you should keep in mind: keep the eulogy short and add humor to it, not forgetting that the mood should be somber as the occasion calls for it.

Always remember that you are writing for a eulogy for your father and that you would be reading it during his funeral service so whatever you speak must be something unique and honorable for your father; something that those attending the service will remember for a long time.

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