The Many Roles and Responsibilities of a Funeral Director

It is the funeral director who comes to the help to the relatives and friends of a deceased person. It is he who assists in preparing the body, transporting the body to the burial/cremation venue and in the overall planning of the funeral ceremony. The funeral directors must possess different traits like people management and administrative skills, composure and the willingness to work long and for odd hours. The funeral directors are on call for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

In any funeral service there are ample forms to be filled and taken care of. The funeral directors are also responsible for making copies of death certificates and even contacting insurance companies and banks. They even undertake the task of preparing guest books They have a thorough knowledge in record keeping and billing.

It is the funeral director who provides the hands of Florence Nightingale to the relatives of a deceased person in preparing the body, embalming, dressing and casketing. They also look into the matters of arranging flowers, transporting the body to the funeral site and making the requisite arrangements for the funeral ceremony. He or she also helps in keeping the atmosphere calm in this hour of grief without losing their composure.

The deceased person’s family makes it a point to see the availability of funeral director at the location. The family chooses a funeral director from the city where the memorial service has to be undertaken. The input with regards to the funeral director is provided by the people who have observed their services in the past. Hiring the right funeral director is of utmost importance as for the relatives and friends of the deceased. The funeral directors also take time to meet the   close relatives and friends of the deceased in order to make the final plans for the funeral. These people also extend support at the time of grief and sorrow to the deceased member’s family while not losing their composure, even under emotionally and stressful situations.

The funeral directors will have excellent management skills and will be silent spectators throughout the whole process of the funeral service. They should also have knowledge about the religious sentiments of the people as well as the rituals of the various religions. It is the funeral director who makes arrangements for the funeral ceremony for any religion. They should also be able to handle the funeral of people who have no religion.

Nowadays there are Professional firms who have different funeral directors working for them in different parts of the country. These people are available on call funeral directors, who are available at any time of the day in order to collect the remains from locations and to make arrangements for the ceremony. A person has to take appropriate health precautions while handling the body of the deceased. These professional people are provided enough education, training as well as the requisite procedure of handling such dead bodies.

Thus, if you are prepared to undergo this arduous training of becoming a funeral director, then only should you opt for this profession. 

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