Easy Funeral Booklets

Funeral booklets are multiple sheets of paper, typically letter size which are folded together to form a booklet. These are great memorial tributes to distribute which will house many important events and accomplishments of your loved one. You can place multiple pages of photo collages within as well as many family tributes. There is no limit on the amount of pages you can have but it will depend on your printing budget.

Yes nowadays it has become very easy to create a funeral booklet. At the time of grieving, it may appear to be a complex, emotional and complicated task. However, it can be done with the help of templates. Templates are the greatest thing available in the software market! They can help to simplify a task that you need to get done within a very short timeframe.

Funeral booklets that contain multiple pages are now done in a matter of minutes as everything has already been done for you which includes the layout and the formatting. You simply have to enter the photos.

A funeral booklet can be created by keeping the following components in mind:

• Cover: You booklets cover should be such that it is tasteful as well at the same time, it should highlight the deceased’s personality. This can include the photo of the deceased as well as dates of birth and death and time and location of service

• Order of Service: It is this part highlights all the minute details of the entire service or memorial. It also includes details of the music players, prayers, readings, etc.  

• Tribute: It is here that a brief snippet regarding the life of the deceased is inserted which includes a lot of things such as his or her accomplishments, places of residence, surviving and deceased family members, hobbies and personal stories.

• Readings/poems: Here you can include the deceased’s favorite verses or readings.

• Photos: You can also include photos of the deceased with family and friends. 

• Participants: Here the names of the pallbearers, flower bearers, officiates and others who helped put together and/or put together t the funeral or memorial service.

• Acknowledgements: In this section, the family of the deceased person thanks attendees for coming to the service. Many times, this can replace individual thank you notes usually distributed after a funeral.

Creating a funeral booklet is so easy these days that you can take the help of your teenage child also. These booklets are generally eight pages and they print on two sheets of letter size paper both in the front and back. At time they can be larger in size such as a tabloid or legal sizing. Actually there really is no set size for the booklets, they can be any size you so desire them to be. It is now not necessary that you become frustrated in creating such a memorable keepsake. 

These booklets can be created in Word, Publisher or Apple iWork Pages applications and you are set to go. With the help of these software’s you can choose whichever one you feel the most comfortable using. That way, you already know the program and don't have to take the time to learn it.

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