Samples of Funeral Program Designs

It is very beneficial to view the funeral program examples when creating a memorial program for your loved one. The funeral program is an important memento which includes the memorial service of your loved one. It also highlights their life and provides a loving memory to all the invitees.

Many times the people don’t know what is included in a memorial program. Hence, it becomes helpful to see funeral program examples so that you can get an idea of what to include. You can look for examples that may include the following items:

A beautifully created or designed program covers with a script bearing the title of "In Loving Memory" or "Celebrating the Life of". You should also include the deceased’s photo which should grace the cover with the name, date of birth and date of death beneath the photo.

In the inside you can include the funeral order of service such as: the officiating pastor or clergyman, scripture verses and readings, musical selections along with the names of those who are participating in the funeral service.

It should also include a special note from the bereaved and surviving family may also be included along with where to send donations, if applicable.

In the back you can include a short biography or obituary of the deceased.

You should know that an obituary is a means to celebrate a person's life and accomplishments.

You can include a description of the death and its cause which is entirely optional.

You can also include a short message from the bereaved family members which may be noted after the chronology of the life of the deceased.

Remember that photos are also appropriate to disperse throughout the program thus making it a great way to share the life journey of the deceased with all attendees.

Include the location of the funeral service on the back of the funeral program cover.

The sample funeral program can contain any of the following elements:
(A) the funeral order of service
(B) funeral readings as poems and short stories, scripture verses, photographs formed in a chronological order, an obituary, and acknowledgments.

These days the bulletin can contain more than just the order of service. If the Funeral Program Samples can have multiple pages and hence it can be created as a booklet if you have more information inside the bulletin is widely acceptable these days since this will be kept by many for a long time after the service.

The funeral bulletin is a small but main part of the funeral service. It is often known as a closing keepsake of a loved one's life.

The above mentioned items are good examples of what can be included in a memorial program. A lot of resources are available on the web which can provide examples and some also sell funeral program templates which have samples of the program

It is possible nowadays for you to publish the obituary of the deceased within funeral program so that it can be shares with all the attendees.

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